Pre-Move Check List

Six Weeks Prior To Moving

Begin deciding what items you plan to move, not move, sell or give to charity.  Have a good idea about these items when Montgomery Movers conducts their Free In Home Estimate.

Five Weeks Prior to Moving

Call Montgomery Movers for your Free In House Estimate

Plan a date for a Garage Sale

Four Weeks Prior to Moving

If changing school zones, contact new schools, obtain school records

Plan furniture placement for new home

Keep a re-sale strategy in mind when choosing a new house to buy

If your destination is not going to be ready and your belongings are going into temporary storage, call Montgomery Movers to obtain a P.O. box to forward your mail

Three Weeks Prior to Moving

Call Montgomery Movers to schedule your move

Organize the items you have decided to move, sell or give to charity

Have a garage sale

Contact charitable organization to donate unwanted items

If your building has an elevator reserve it’s use for moving day

Two Weeks Prior to Moving

Notify Utilities (gas, phone, electric, water, cable tv and internet of disconnect and reconnect dates

Notify credit card companies of change of address

Notify bank and insurance agents of change of address

Re-confirm move dates with Montgomery Movers

One Week Prior to Moving

Notify your newspaper delivery of new address and effective date

Arrange supervision for you children and pets for moving day

One Day Prior to Moving

Pack your luggage and cars with any items you wish to carry yourself

Only use things absolutely needed

Make sure halls, pathways and sidewalks are clear of obstructions for the movers

Designate one bathroom to use on move date to help minimize last minute clean-up before meeting the movers at your destination

Moving Day

Be present to answer any questions your movers may have

Give driver a good, clear address and directions to your destination along with a couple phone numbers to contact you if there is any questions

Do a final walk through with the lead mover before leaving origin and before movers leave destination