Moving Tips


Packing Basics

Along with communication, organization and equipment: the proper packing of your belongings is essential to a pleasant moving experience. Whether our professional packers pack your belongings or you do it yourself Montgomery Movers is glad to assist you with materials and advice.

Labeling Boxes

The proper labeling of boxes will save time and money on delivery assuring that each box is delivered to it’s proper location. If you have a split delivery, proper labeling, indicating so is essential to let the crew know how to load the truck.

Walk Through

Walk Through with the Packers  Upon completion of the packing, do a final “walk through” to make sure all items desired are packed. Be sure to check the attic, basement, garage, storage room, closets, drawers, dishwasher and crawl spaces.

Unpacking Montgomery Movers is able to provide unpacking services if desired. If you wish, ask about these services at time of estimate to obtain the charges. During unpacking items will be removed from the boxes and placed on counter tops, table tops, floors and beds.

Debris Removal

The charge for debris removal in the River Region is $50.00. Please call your Move Coordinator to schedule.

Additional Items That Require Special Attention

The following items may also require servicing, please consult your Move Coordinator about the following items: 

Plasma TVs
 Personal Computers
 Hot Tubs 
Pool Tables
 Stereo Equipment 
Water Beds
And any other items that you are not sure about.

 Time of Load  Be present or have someone that can make decisions on your behalf present at time of load. Make sure the lead crew member has good phone numbers to contact you along with good driving directions to destination.

Unloading  Your movers will place all furniture and boxes in rooms directed by you or by the label on the boxes. Typically we place each item one time. If an item is damaged or missing now is the time to notify the crew leader.

Items That Montgomery Movers is not Responsible For  We recommend that you transport the following items yourself:

 Currency, Coins & Collections 
Personal Papers such as Deeds and Wills
Jewelry, Watches 
Precious Stones
 Photo Albums 
Sentimental Items 

Items We Cannot Transport  The U.S. Secretary of Transportation does not allow the transport by moving companies of “Hazardous Materials”. Below are some of the most common household items that are excluded from transport:

 Combustible Liquids  rubbing alcohol, lubricants (motor oil, WD-40), and antifreeze compounds
 Corrosives  acids, drain cleaners, photography chemicals, bleach, batteries and pool chemicals
 Explosives propane tanks, fire extinguishers, aerosol cans, ammunition, fertilizers and fireworks 
Arms  handguns
 Flammables  thinners, kerosene, paint, turpentine, matches, sterno wood oil stains, petro-based garden sprays, flares, charcoal briquettes, fire starter logs, etc.
 Food  open liquids and frozen foods.


Some appliances require servicing that may result in additional charges, please be sure to discuss the following items with your Move Coordinator

Washer and Dryer
Refrigerators and Freezers
Microwave Ovens
Large Aquariums
Organs and Pianos
Grandfather Clocks

          The Following Services May Result in Additional Charges:

Items Left Behind
Special Requests on Delivery
Overtime Loading or Unloading
Extra Pickup and/or Delivery
Debris Pick Up Rearranging Furniture
Packing Materials
Packing Services
Long Carries
Shuttle Services
Excessive Stairs
Paper Pads for Storage
Any Required Third Party Services